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Originally Posted by nurek View Post

John Whiscombe used the Harmonic Optimization Tuning System (HOTS) on his latest Mk2 guns. The HOTS is an adjustable weight at the end of the barrel that screws in and out as required, it works, have a look at this thread on a US forum:;m+a+believer

Also have a look at this article on HOTS:

I like the Dave Welham system as it is more adjustable and the weights can be placed anywhere on the barrel, as placing them at the end of the barrel limits your adjustment as the weight is at the end of the ‘wavelength’ having kind of a pendulum effect.

Mate of mine in Poland was after adding extra weight to his Rapid and has put weights on the barrel, have a look at this picture:,1009804.html

He has found that it has improved accuracy and made the gun less pellet fussy!

There is an article in this month’s Airgun World about harmonics, it was written by a University Professor that developed the HOTS system for John Whiscombe.

Interesting reading Thank you

Originally Posted by Scoch View Post
I had a barrel weight on my Steyr Vin and swear blind that the gun def shot better with it on, took me about 3 hours to find the right position for it, moving it 1mm at a time you could see the groups open then close right down.

Think I still have a couple of Steyr ones kicking about in the gunbox mate if you want to try them.
That would be handy Cheers Steve. I currently have a single 100g barrel weight but it would be handy to try out various settings with additional weight
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