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Originally Posted by scutter View Post
Hello All,

I have a LG100 and for the last few months it has been great, it is fairly accurate, (not quite as good as my Mk3) but it is very robust and suites my style of shooting.

However, Since two weeks ago my scores have plummeted, I have gone from shooting regular 55s and 56s to a 44 on Saturday and a 50 on Sunday.

I have been on a windless range today and my pellets are going high, low, left and right and I can group to about 2" at 40 yards.

I have cleaned the barrel and re-leaded it, I have tried three different scopes, I have made sure that the barrel is tight and I have shot a 40 shot string on the chrono and it had a 6fps variance.

Any ideas?

Had the same problem as you some months ago, found 4.51s to be more consistant than 4.52s but still had flyers, did away with floating barrel ie replaced the 5mm grub screw at the sharp end this also had a small piece of rubber or plastic in the hole which stopped the screw marking the barrel NEVER LOOKED BACK the gun was transformed ive shot during the summer and winter without any variation or problems sorry the only problem now is the bloke pulling the trigger.
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