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Originally Posted by JAGXKRS View Post
Even when I was going through that bad patch last year it was never that bad, perhaps the gun does not suit you Gary or you've bashed it against a tree or your getting parralax error or its a dodgy breach seal or trigger needs adjusting.

I will not mention Bisley Cough 36 cough or MAD, Cough 42 Cough
The 36 was my first score at Bisley the one at the end was 57

I will have it sorted by treetops, dont you worry about that.
Hope you don't bomb at Treetops Gary the wind can be very tricky down there and we all know you struggle with the wind, I would'nt want to shoot it with a dodgy gun thats for sure. If you want to know how tough its going to be look at last weeks Quarry scores
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