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It does depend on where the flip is coming from as to the best solution. Walthers have a lot of recoil because their hammer is huge, so the recoil occurs before the pellet leaves the barrel, so a stripper/brake only works after the pellet has left the barrel and has air passing through it. So it moves, but the brake reduces that movement post shot.

Another issue could just be vibration... often people think a smoother firing gun is a faster firing gun.

But by moving the barrel down in the rig, the recoil path is straighter creating less turning action and flip, and so a stripper/brake may not be needed. Those that have their barrels up high courtesy of a deep fore-end, and a light grip will see more than those that have a tighter grip and lower forend (given the same butt offset).

This maybe why steyr have changed their tune, although a lot of their sales waffle about harmonics was upset by simple poking like asking what happens if the speed of the pellet changes...

Prone shooters will know that driving the shoulder foward can be inconsistent leading to shots going off the group, as the rifle reacts differently in the recoil to the shoulder. The same thing will happen with pcp's but not to the same degree, but given enough slack the bad habit can creep in and you will get odd flyers... the answer to what were the cross hairs doing from release to land on target can reveal a blank expression which means either follow through was not observed, or not possible to observe. Then you can work on the reasons why.
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