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i shoot with alec so im sure he was one of the people who had told me steyr say nothing is best i just personaly feel the rifle looks better with something on the end of the barrel (im sure people wont agree just my opinion) so i went for a stripper with vents at the top and this takes out the last bit of flip or recoil (that tiny little jump) it has a moveable cone and when i first put it on the groups were worse than without it but with adjustment i believe the groups are tighter than before or atleast as good as it was without it. i like that it is completley dead now and also like how it looks but these are just my opinions. another point worth raising is the thread on the new lg110 ft shows the longer barrel and some sort of muzzle thing on the end does anyone know if thats a still air cone? if it is perhaps steyr have changed there thinking?


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