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Originally Posted by Gibbs View Post
I was told Steyr reccommend nothing on the end of their barrels because they have already fine tuned the barrel harmonics so I took the muzzle brake off mine and the groups did improve.
But I am very interested in Chrispro's comments about a brake allowing him to see the pellet land, that would be very useful and might even be worth a slightly bigger group?
Brakes allow better follow through to be observed by dampening the recoil. What they cant do is solve a snatch shot being taken with the crosshairs still moving. The brake on a barrett absorbs 40% of the recoil of the .50 bmg round.

Towards the end of the season, on the last 2-3 shoots, i managed to observe pellets in flight on 50x with the springer, and a lot of the landings... even on a stander... but you can't snatch on a springer and hit targets. That said, I still had no clue where some went...

indoors last night, i could see most of my misses standing with the pcp ... and a few in the air

seeing pellets land is of great benefit, but i have made mistakes with splits flying across the kill and persuading me there is 40mm more or 40mm less wind than i aimed for...
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