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Rob, the first picture is from the 1st ever Winter League shoot we did.

Brings back a few good memories such as
1, At the captains meeting some wanted to have targets pushed out after we had brought 6 in closer that morning.
2, Only shoot that season when the top score was 12 out of a possible 30 and the furthest target was no more than 45yds.
3, Windage was measure in feet not inches and many did not believe that taregts needed that much.
4, Watching Dave Welham (one of them who wanted targets pushed out) miss a 10yd target because of the wind and then not believing that he had missed such a target.
5, Having the chrono there and a whole team disquallified as they were over the 12ftlbs limit and then only to find they had just had their rifles returned from a service.
We had a reputation for the next 2 years of putting decieving courses out, highest scores were 16/30 and 21/30 when the average distances of the courses were around the 30-33yd mark (according to my old FT diary).

We used the terrain to the max and were sneaky. Such as cutting channels in brambles to 'funnel' the wind a bit more but not able to see it from the firing line, or putting targets on tall posts so there is only sky behind it and our favourite was to use much heavier reset cord which moved a lot less then the normal stuff. Everyone hated the trip across as they knew the shoot would be a test of endurance, faith in the rifle/scope and a lot of luck.
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