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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
I think there is a difference between damping and harmonics...

but they steyr i knew stuck them through the same hole at 50m anyway, so i'm not sure how it could be improved on.

those examples dont seem to be giving that good groups as a final result, although there's an improvement, it's about on par with what a pcp should be doing anyway...

your bang rob ive got 10 metre weights tryed,then tryed strippers,air brakes flute tubes,nothing on barrel,and air breaks,the only thing i found if the stripper is not set for the pellets the groups opens out,so i only use a hydrographics break style,just to stop any kick to follow pellets to targets from 35 yards and out and the groups are only as good a the bloke pulling the trigger,can easliy do 5 pence groups at 55 yards off the knee ft style and better or tighter off the bench
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