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Default Barrel harmonics and tuning

I've been interested in the effects of tuning barrel harmonics for some time, mainly centrefire based some years ago on a Browning rifle fitted with the BOSS system, and wondered as to its effectiveness in airguns. I'm aware that Dave Welham made (makes?) a tuner for his customised Anschutz rifles but have seen little else all bar occassional mentions in 10m shooting circles of using barrel mounted balance weights to vary harmonics. People have on occassion made reference to the weight of a muzzle brake or moderator possibly altering harmonics and being a factor in the increase, or decrease, of accuracy. Has anyone experimented in this department? What results and conclusions did you come to? I plan, when I have some spare time, to have a dabble myself using a barrel mounted weight on my spare free floated Steyr. If it will make much difference I don't honestly know but I'm curious to see if it will produce any noticable effects over extremes of adjustment and if it does to what degree it can be tuned. Thoughts on the subject would be much appreciated
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