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Originally Posted by L-S-R View Post
The average distance of a GP course this season will come crashing down considerably.

To get an average of 43-45yds using 10 reducers, two of which have to be under 25yrds. Every 40mm will neeed to be well over 45yrds, as you have also got 3x kneeling lanes of no more than 70yrds AND 2x standing lanes of no more than 60yrds.

If you have a 8 or 9yrd target thrown in the average comes down even further.

Its all aout a balance, angles and variety. Some conditions give rise to a longr course, whist others make for a shorter one
Conor if you put EVERY target at it's maximum distance that will be 46.2 yards av or all the positionals and reducers at max plus 30 targets at 50 yards that will be 43.2 yards av could be an intresting season.
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