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[QUOTE=Kingplinker;56668]Thanks chaps , very much appreciated .

Firstly my kneeling is my strongest position for most shooting situations as it doesn't put any strain on my back and neck , I didn't realise I could shoot kneeling instead of sitting . ( Is that a general rule or a regional thing ) ?

I have plenty of room to set the rifle up so that isn't a problem although I have no idea what to zero or on what mag etc so I think I will have to do some more homework .lol
I am too used to fixed mag bushnell 10x40's for HFT you see and the closest I have come to altering PX is with my Falcon FFP !

I have tried the sitting stance and to be honest if I lay one leg down ( knee to the floor ) and use the other to rest the rifle on it's not too uncomfortable at all , this is where you tell me thats against the rules isn't it .

Looks like Bisley would be the closest for me so if the bug bites I may have to have a look there , I used to shoot at Bisley on the Friday night chip shop challenge so I am an old pro .... and never once had to buy the chips !!!
If it is chips it would be cliffy ? yes i think bisley is your nearest . but drop in at Kent Woodsmen near ashford one sunday morning . good bunch of fellas . they can put you straight ??? HOLY
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