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Originally Posted by holly View Post
Avearage distance of an GP FT course should be 45 yards ??? HOLLY
Keep up old timer, i was asking how you judge whether a course was long, do you count all atrgets, or sitters only?

I.e., i cam off Anston last year and thaught it was too long as alot of targets, sitters, seemd past +45y. Where as i came from Etl thinking the balance was better. sorry for picking on Anston.
I do however like the vasriety we "HAD" in gp's. Its a concern for me that this year courses in as far as target length may become very simular this year? Time will tell?

Originally Posted by Gibbs View Post
As the average distance relates to the difficulty of the course, I would also consider the size of the killzone and distance. There is a precedent for this. I think it was thought up by someone called Troyer?Anyway, he found a way to judge the overall skill level of a course by measuring kz size and distance and giving a course an overall Troyer rating.
I will do some searching and see if I can find it.
Yes, but how do you judge wether a course is long or not, all targets or sitters only? Be they full or reduced?

Originally Posted by kilty View Post
Average is ALL targets Si
Thanks Kilty

Originally Posted by berty177 View Post

To be fair I never take much notice of the course average. I think if the course builder knows his/her ground he/she can build the course to suit the area.....
The GP we had in Nelson 2 years ago, the one you said was too hard even for a GP course, that one only had the average of approx 44 yards for that course...
The use of variation of angles for target placement is what makes the course.....
Thats one way i suppose, but do you not consider when for example setting up a Nelson shoot the fact that most of the Wafta shooters will be B class and thus alot of long Targets will be off putting as they will be missed more?

Originally Posted by Mr P View Post
Think you have been shooting too many castle club courses with a 35yd average
Is 35 yards a bad thing for a club / regional shoot?

Originally Posted by mikewills8904 View Post
i was looking at the course up tondu 2 for the june shoot .i have moved afew things already .i know we cant use the 15mm kills so they will be baged up and new ones put out ,with abit of work we will have 2 very high shots up through the trees .and yes one will be a kneeler .
berty is down with me on sunday so we will be looking again .i am hoping to put a few lanes in the field
Glad you took up my suggestion and moved the targets down sunday. Neither of us are built for ladders Mike.
Will need to cut the bramble back and make channels to the base of the trees for one or two, and get the East Devon see saw targets in place.
I will fetch some stands up for the fields, think maybe 5 lanes in the field will allow some shots with angles.
No point asking you about rang finding with that dodgy Luep of yours Should have Baught the S&B?

Originally Posted by Mr P View Post
Shrugshoulders was an excellent course for the conditions prabably about 40 yard average target
Seemd a bit further to me, I made the long stander 40 ( i think) and even that needed 3 inches of wind, off kill. Pity i only gave 1 would have thaught 45 was average?
So do you look at all kills as a course average length, or sitter only Mr.P?

Originally Posted by L-S-R View Post
The average distance of a GP course this season will come crashing down considerably.
To get an average of 43-45yds using 10 reducers, two of which have to be under 25yrds. Every 40mm will neeed to be well over 45yrds, as you have also got 3x kneeling lanes of no more than 70yrds AND 2x standing lanes of no more than 60yrds.
If you have a 8 or 9yrd target thrown in the average comes down even further.
Its all aout a balance, angles and variety. Some conditions give rise to a longr course, whist others make for a shorter one
Indeed, be interesting to see how each gp is. I take it you count all targets Connoe when considering if a course, Gp or national was long or short?
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