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Originally Posted by AndyIoW View Post
Yes our ground does this even on shorter targets as this years Winter Course proved to a few, Just ask RobF . We have been tidying up some of our dead and fallen trees in our copse over the last few weekends and with a fire going you can see how strange the wind flows through.

Local knowledge can help at times but if the firing line is moved from the usual places this is negated.
I can vouch for this during the Winter League. On one lane I was sat there with smoke from a small bonfire blowing right to left over me (wasn't choking but not far off it hahaha) but the pellet went straight to the aim point - which was to give windage based on the previous target in a similar location which did take wind... Other times the wind was in my face and the smoke went to annoy someone else! Always the problem in the winter - hardly any leaves around to show these things so mightily impressed by the AAs who read these courses so well. Evil but fun :-)

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