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Originally Posted by Gibbs View Post
Also the local ground conditions were put to full use, if you lit a bonfire on the course you might see some strange wind effects caused by the topography and vegetation and this can cause one target to take an inch of wind and the next (seemingly similar angle and distance) to take none.
Yes our ground does this even on shorter targets as this years Winter Course proved to a few, Just ask RobF . We have been tidying up some of our dead and fallen trees in our copse over the last few weekends and with a fire going you can see how strange the wind flows through.

Originally Posted by Gibbs View Post
And cutting channels through the undergrowth perpendicular to the lanes (and out of sight of the firing line) causes almost invisble wind, which has been employed by the Dartmoor marksmen to full effect. The only downside to these course building tricks is that it gives quite a lot of advantage to the locals, who soon get to know the landscape and its effect on the wind.
Did this some 10 years ago at one of our older grounds when the club was also called Vectis FTC. Suprising how much a pellet will move even at 30yds when wind is funnelled just ahead of the target and at the time pellets were being pushed over by half a kill.

Prime 'tricks' that we tried and employ if possible are
  • Sheltered firing point
  • Target placed in a sheltered area after a open space in front
  • 'Tunnelling' a target to give the optical illusion of a target further away.
  • Targets on top of a mound were the wind may 'push' pellet higher than expected
  • Targets alongside a row bushes which cause the wind to 'swirl' a bit.

Local knowledge can help at times but if the firing line is moved from the usual places this is negated.
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