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Default Fair courses

If the course can be set out in a fan shape then you could have left to right wind at the start and right to left at the end so you never have a fixed idea of how much wind the targets need. And cutting channels through the undergrowth perpendicular to the lanes (and out of sight of the firing line) causes almost invisble wind, which has been employed by the Dartmoor marksmen to full effect. The only downside to these course building tricks is that it gives quite a lot of advantage to the locals, who soon get to know the landscape and its effect on the wind.[/QUOTE]

This is a fair point,

The only way around it is to build the course just for that GP, so say for instance a virgin bit of ground for a virgin course to be built on. You will Im sure use some of the same ground as before but changing the angle to the norm and ways like that take away the home advantage then...

Thats the fairest way in my eyes.

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