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Default Course averages

Due to a few comments made on this thread,

I just had a look at roughly how I would set up a GP course myself using what I would have done before...

Looking at the reducers and disciplines etc with 14 50+yarders and then varying the rest of the full kills, 12 within the 40yard area and some others just mixed in works out to be an average of 40.66 yards.

That does seem low but it is only a 2-3 yard difference from the last GP course we put out in Nelson. So not a great amount of difference, if you use your ground to its full potential then you will get it right.

In there is also an 8 yard 15mm kill lads to make sure it is what I am thinking of doing......

I could make a few off the shots longer say have 16-17 50+ yarders etc. That wouldnt make it too stupid then would it. I will be looking at Nelson's ground over the next couple of months for the shooting line etc for the GP course.....

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