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Originally Posted by Charlts View Post
She's a 16/17 year old girl who because she's good at athletics has had to prove her sex.
so its a she he lol,very pointless for this thread,its a thread on not so abled people and not disabled people which my misses is,sorry guys and gals but this thread has got me a bit up tight,but no harm done,the views which helen as come out with are spot on and i understand were ian is coming from,its a very fine line,i no that karls wife cant do kneelers and i understand y,alan as well from my club has very bad knees and cant do kneelers,but both of them do the proper standers,so they are gaining nothing in my eyes,but their is some shooters pulling a fast 1 and it should be stopped,but how do we stop it is the question,sick notes will not stop it,disabled badge owners will not work iver u can get a badge for ashma,bad back etc,
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