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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
It surprise me Steve. However, i was using it as a bit of practise for the Gp1 the weekend after.

thus, i have 8 x 1 inch kills, which as you know means no more than 35 yards.
Not used the 15 ml kils out to 25 yards due to Main shoot rule cock up.

Standers average is 30 yards

Kneelers 35.

thus, those 20 targets on a Gp course will see an average of less than 35, lots of short range shots?

My fear is, to balance courses may see all 40 ml kills at 45 + ???

Either that or Gp course will become short and easier???
Simon we need to give it a go and i hope i am proved wrong the last thing i want to see is 30 targets 45-55 yards because this will make courses dull and unintresting and nothing for the lower grades you never know common sense may well prevail
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