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Originally Posted by Gibbs View Post
As the average distance relates to the difficulty of the course, I would also consider the size of the killzone and distance. There is a precedent for this. I think it was thought up by someone called Troyer?
Anyway, he found a way to judge the overall skill level of a course by measuring kz size and distance and giving a course an overall Troyer rating.
I will do some searching and see if I can find it.
It goes something like this. If you imagine a cone starting at the shooting line and going out to 40mm at 50m any kill size within the cone can be placed so it is the equivalent to shooting at 50m. A 20mm kill at 25m will have the same difficulty as 40mm at 50m.

If the kill is longer it is classed as having a higher difficulty factor, if less it would be lower. Its a method of awarding a difficulty level so shooters can compare courses.
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