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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
They do on all mine and all i have ever had, but i have seen two scopes where they didn't. One was really bad, gaps 40-45 were the same as 50-55 (2-3mm apart), yet 45-50 was about twice as wide as either. Another scope i know had it's 40 offset. Both were debens.

I double checked the worst one myself, because i didn't believe the owner. I even blind tested it by not telling the owner which ranges we were doing to see if it was psychological. It still came in the same. Very odd. As it was vague at 50-55 and not the best optically, it was replaced by a better performing scope. But i'd say if it's working, then fine.
Well seeing as it was my scope that you are talking about I guess I had better put my few cents in.....

Having had a scope that as Rob said had "Odd" gaps where the 40 and 45 were a hairs breath apart then a large gap and another hairs breath between 50 and 55 there are two arguements....

The scope (A Debens) was a long standing scope used by my dad before me and when I took it on I had no idea of relative gaps between the ranges on my side wheel, I simply ranged, marked and was away.... The clicks were accurate every time, but I did struggle with my longer range targets. I assumed this was down to lack of practice. Once Rob kindly pointed out to me that I must have "weird eyes" to come up with such a pattern I painstakinly re-did my ranges many times all with the same results....

As I say my clicks were accurate, but the problem came in distinguishing the range reading on my wheel. Where they were so damn close together (a pen line apart if that) what it failed me on was accuratley ranging 40 and 45 and 50 and 55. I always fell down on my long targets through mis-ranging...... Now I have a Walther custom scope courtesy of a rather generous shooter I no longer have any worries with my long range targets.... well put it this way I can accuratly get the range.... just leaves me to hit the damn thing.... easier said than done with pesky wind......

Seriously tho speaking from experiance (I dont have much but what I do have I dont mind sharing ) if your kit is failing you, speak to someone and get some pointers on fixing it as it will not only improve your chances at hitting the target, but self esteem and confidence soon grows when the set up does what it was built to do and knocks em down...... Also it may not always be the kit.... position, technique etc does play a big part too....
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