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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
Some very valid points by Rob and Imorik......and i think that's the problem here, the vast majority of shooters have absolutely no problems with something that will help those struggling to compete due to health problems. We just need to find a viable way of working out the genuine cases from the.....err.....not genuine

As i've said before, i don't think a doctors note is the answer as i could get one for my shoulder. That's the whole point of a discussion like this, not to point the finger and shout "cheat" but to find a solutionthat will suit all from the experienced members on here.

Ian has a very valid point though. If nothing is done and someone shooting the disabled positions takes a major title then i think that it will hit the fan......well and truly.
Agreed - but until it happens can we keep it friendly. As a salutory reminder I give you....

Remeber the level of persecution levelled at her because she was successful?
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