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[QUOTE=chrisc;56522]Ok...apologies in front as this is all hear say. Maybe someone who was there might be able to comment.

A shooter claiming to shoot disabled positions seen carrying an air bottle on his shoulder some considerable distance and a female shooter who was on a kneeling lane, got into the disabled position but couldn't see the target for grass so shot the targets kneeling.


I understand where you are coming depends what the disability is. I personally could quite easily walk a course with a air bottle on my shoulder (as long as it's not a 12ltr ), but can't do kneelers due to arthritis (knees only bend so far, if forced to bend any more they'll lock painfully). Can walk without any problems usually, until a knee joint locks or gives way then it's agony for days. Can even run if I had too, but that would be stupid on my part and would probably lead to being unable to walk for a week with inflamed joints (not to mention the Bakers Cyst which would follow meaning not being able to bend at the knee at all ). But to look at me normally you'd never know I had any problems at all...............just goes to show that all is not as it appears.

There are many levels of disability, not all are obvious.
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