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Very emotive subject, this....

As a disabled shooter myself I find it rather amusing that the able-bodoed shooters are complaining. I bet they didn't compiain until someone who wasn't using the "proper" positions beat them? Not just shooting; it's happeining all over sport - take a look at the South African "Blade Runner" guy. He was quite happy winning all the paralympic events, but not allowed to compete with the regular Oympians. Such a shame, and when you think about it, quite amazing that he could ever get to a comparable standard to be even considering challenging the able-bodied guys...

As a suggestion what about the following as a possible solution;

All events have signing-on sessions, followed by briefings before the shoot. Why not run the competition to standard HFT rules, using standard HFT positions UNLESS someone signs in and declares himself a "disabled" shooter.

The organiser can then instruct the WHOLE FIELD to use the alternative positions, regardless of whether they are disabled or not. You then have the Utopian situation where EVERYBODY competes from a level playing field?

No cause for complaint, bias or favourtism - if you beat a disabled guy then you beat him fair and square - and likewise if he beats you. You were all using the same shooting stances....

My 2p....

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