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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
Only sensible thing for this is to have a seperate class where the scores don't count towards the usual positions. If someone wants to compete and is using the disbaled card then they will opt to shoot in the normal classes, those genuinely in pain can still shoot and enjoy it without thinking that some are pointing the finger.
Before I say it to your face, i'll ask here, where there 20 or 40 silly's?

Joking aside, it's the principle for me that's the issue. Many have mentioned to me that it's been thought of someone cheating before, but never tackled because they haven't taken a big title etc. But thinking about grading, that means someone in any grade could be subject to the problem, but it's not considered an issue until it happens to with a big title... for me that doesn't sit right. Call me soppy, but if it's an issue for an AA at the world's, it's an issue for someone in their first shoot in C.

With a separate class, you can't take any title, qualify for any showdown, or team, or position on the day... you'd be in a class of your own, especially if graded, or at the mercy of another much better shooter if not perhaps, and still at the mercy of cheats it seems.
I can see how a separate class removes one problem, but for me it opens up loads of others. In fact, I think it doesn't solve it, it just moves it out of the way of concern. That might be a slight on those that have raised the concern, but one could say if it doesn't affect those in the running, it's not of their concern. All it does is make cheating less attractive. So say it stops it all together. Then you have a few people separated from the sport, but shooting legitimately. One problem solved perhaps, another created.

If it's an issue of cheating, in my book that needs to be addressed rather than moved aside.

If it's an issue of unfair advantage, then I think that could be looked at. However, I think it's difficult because different shooters seem to have a different idea of the advantage gained, and there's no real scientific basis apart from that persons normal capability in the assessment. For example, some people think that supported standers in HFT are easier... i find them more difficult and elect not to do it if allowed to.

Nail the issue at hand and it can move forward.

It seems Nefta are ahead on this, so what are they saying about people who do the separate class qualifying for the regional team? How is that worked out? I'm not pretending to know everything, so perhaps that's something that has been thought about already. I dunno, but so far i haven't seen any answer to what would happen in those cases.
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