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Ok...apologies in front as this is all hear say. Maybe someone who was there might be able to comment.

A shooter claiming to shoot disabled positions seen carrying an air bottle on his shoulder some considerable distance and a female shooter who was on a kneeling lane, got into the disabled position but couldn't see the target for grass so shot the targets kneeling.

I wasn't there and didn't see this and i won't say where the rumours came from. BUT, if there's one grain of truth there then something needs to be done ASAP as some are REALLY taking the pee. Not just taking the pee but laughing in everyone's face.

Some have mentioned that these individuals are only cheating themsleves. I think that statement is unfair to the ones who have travelled large distances to GP's, incurred considerable expenses and then feel cheated when beaten by someone faking a disability.

I will apologise completely to those that genuinley struggle to participate. We all know how easy enough it is for some to get whatever doctors note they need....after all, that's the reason we have have a huge benefit strain as it is. I myself have recently been diagnosed with Impinging shoulder syndrome that hurts during standing shots. I could get a doctors note for this. I shot a personal best of 19 on the sillys at the club last week. Imagine what would be said behind my back (and probably to my face) if i shot the GP's claiming the disability card.

Only sensible thing for this is to have a seperate class where the scores don't count towards the usual positions. If someone wants to compete and is using the disabled card then they will opt to shoot in the normal classes, those genuinely in pain can still shoot and enjoy it without thinking that some are pointing the finger.

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