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Originally Posted by L-S-R View Post
So lets get this right, if someone still wants to compete during a short term period where their knee doesn't permit them to take a kneeler but allows them to amble around the course,and take their kneelers from standing, they should NOT shoot at all, is this what you suggest???
Surely that is discriminating against them,

not starting an argument here but just playing devil's advocate
Devils advocate appreciated.... And needed....

In any sport people pick up injury which means they are unable to compete for whatever reason.... injury is unfortunate, ill timed, unwanted and frustraiting but usually will heal..... Injury does not mean disabled in the long term..... I always thought that the alternate positions were for people unable to do the positions due to long term reasons not to be dipped into should I twist my ankle and find kneelers difficult or indeed impossible for a couple of weeks..... But that is only my take on them.....

If I was an olympic 100M runner (only an example, I cant run for toffee!!!) and had a badly timed hamstring injury just before an event... I would not even think about an alternative way to cover 100M and enter with a disabled methon. I would nurse the injury and then complete again once fit. With disabled runners they do not regain full fitness they have a permanent "injury" or "disadvantage" which is not going to get better in a few weeks.....

A valid point tho.... All shooters should be free and able to compete at all levels but the problems seem to lie with the percieved advantage/disadvantage of varied positions and the validity of the shooters claim to need to use them.... The majority of people I have spoken to seem to acknowledge that most shooters who use to alternative positions are genuine, but it is open to abuse...

Playing devils advocate myself.... If I was permitted to take my kneelers standing rather than in the alternative position my scores would go up as my kneeler scores have not improved due to using the alternative once I could not get into the mainstream position, but I hit far more standers than kneelers...... does that mean I have an unfair advantage?!?!?

I for one follow the rules and I know it is only my word but if I could get into the kneeling position I would, and should any treatment I am currently undergoing mean that I can in the future I will. People are currently questioning the fairness of the rules and quite rightly any new rules need to not discriminate against any shooter be they fully able bodied or not.......
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