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They do on all mine and all i have ever had, but i have seen two scopes where they didn't. One was really bad, gaps 40-45 were the same as 50-55 (2-3mm apart), yet 45-50 was about twice as wide as either. Another scope i know had it's 40 offset. Both were debens.

I double checked the worst one myself, because i didn't believe the owner. I even blind tested it by not telling the owner which ranges we were doing to see if it was psychological. It still came in the same. Very odd. As it was vague at 50-55 and not the best optically, it was replaced by a better performing scope. But i'd say if it's working, then fine.

Have you plotted them against a graph? If the curve is smooth (give or take a click) then i'd say fine. If you have a bump in that as well, i'd double check.

Here's my graph for the march on my walther running at 808 fps with just sportsmatch adjustables, no rail. The march is 1/8 moa per click, and my 40 is 2 clicks out, and my 50 1 click out. However, i have taken my 55 to be bang on, when in reality it's a click or two high perhaps... but it allows me to see any really horrible bumps. I know the markings decrease smoothly, so it must then indicate another issue if i see one. I found one at 20 yds, which must have been a mis read of my dial, so just followed the graph and used that instead which was fine. The difference at 10yds i am not worried about, as it's a few clicks but at 10 yds, one 1/8 moa is 0.08 inches or there abouts.

Strangely, my march and tasco both decrease at close ranges at the same rate, yet the march's gaps don't get as small as fast... i was worried when i first set her up, as my tasco has got about 2-3 mm 50-55 on a large wheel, but the march has about 4mm on it's smaller wheel, and the sweep is about the same angle...

i wonder if anyone knows the maths behind the ranges and how they diminish. I expect there could be a factor for each scope, but the trend seems similar.
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