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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Think H said if that was the only option, she would, and she'd relish taking scalps while standing on the moral high ground. "yeh, bring it on" I think was mentioned.

Before i screwed her stock up for her so she couldn't embarrass me further, she was absolutely nails on the standers. In her first winter league she has missed 3 out of 20 standers. On her first showdown, she missed 1/4. I hate to think what she would have been like with her old stock!

She missed more kneelers in the alternative position...

I think it's a damage limitation factor to be honest, if she keeps going the way she is, there's going to be some massive humble pie eaten if she hands it out taking them standing as well. Think you'd better make it easy on yourselves while you have the chance chaps
You quoted me well there Rob.... My standing position is much much stronger than my kneelers, even tho I take the kneelers in the alternative position...... But I would feel guilty wiping the floor with all these lovely shooters by standing....

Whatever the rules I will follow......
I will fight for what I believe.....
I will win on my merit and skill.....

Watch this space
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