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Originally Posted by L-S-R View Post
Excellent procedure for a genuine long term difficulty but it has an issue for a short term problem...

What about someone who had a minor knee op (key hole) to remove some cartilage that was playing up in their kneeling knee.
They should/will take 4-6 weeks to recover, so only a temporary problem in bending and putting weight on the knee, do they take kneelers by standing in competition or use the position for those with mobility difficulties/disabilities?

In this instance by the time you go about getting a disabled card as you suggest, probably by the time it has all been verified the problem would be cured.
Hi Conor,

Thanks for making the point....

With regards to temporary injuries I would say that it would mean having to rest and recover rather than shoot.... For example if I was to fall over and break my leg I would not expect to suddenly have to change my ability as in I would recover, grumble about it affecting whatever comp I was in at the time but as they say "thems the breaks".... injury is inconveniant but mainly would mean resting and recouperating for several weeks/months until top form is recovered, if an injury results in long term disability then the process for applying for disability card would stand simply due to the fact that the injury/incapability would be prolonged......

And I agree with Flintlock in that it should not be called disabled but handicap or disadvantage, I call it my alternative position as I do not class myself anywhere near disabled but there are things that my conditions do not allow me to do no matter how hard I try.....
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