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Originally Posted by clubshot View Post
We are looking @ using the prefered 8.50 Grain with a 4.50 Head Size
Ex Rangemaster Design

Or more Diplomatically a 8.50 Grain Exterminator

Which Shooters are Now saying works a treat for them ............

As it seems they ( Daystates ) will not be ording any more

Looking @ 900 boxes
Within the Defiant Price Band

Glad I've just ordered another 25k JSB's then. Bob I've bought about 200k pellets this year and I know of many others who've bought about the same or more. If PAX could do a diablo shaped pellet that is as consistant as the ones they currently make it'd be much more popular with FT/HFT shooters worldwide I reckon. I don't know what changed between the prototype ones I tried at Shepreth last summer and the production ones but the difference in performance was massive.

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