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Default Just an idea

Think this thread is going off track. I will try to clear it up.
first, their is no handicap system to be used. If you want to join in its purley optional for each individual shooter. You only put in a one off payment of 50 at the beginning of the gp series or latest gp 3. This is because the final result is determined by were you finish in the championship table at the end of the gp series. So for example if you finish 4th overall in the league after all 9 gp`s you will be rewarded with 4th place money. The amount depends on how many enter at the beginning. All money paid out at last gp. It will also be graded so if you are in A grade you shoot against those in your grade. All this is to add a little spice and maybe pay for your shooting if you do well. I am not a charity or looking to make money from this. does any one want to try it? I`m only just airing the idea for now. Not saying one way or another that I`m doing it. If you think its wrong fine, say so and why. If you would like to join in say so, and why. think it needs a fair few to work and ultimately its down to you to shoot well to win the cash.
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