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Originally Posted by thesmokindog View Post
Dear Mr P


You know our handicap systems are famous for being crap, and you know I intend to make them fair or better still scrap them altogether.. I agree Neil did win outright and should have taken the amazing cash prize of 12. But Carl did put alot of effort into trying to come up with a fair handicap system and weather it worked or not everybody had a good shoot on a fantastic course with good banter and great food.

Come on the Castle lads, bring that Clubs Cup back to Castle where it belongs.

Anyone want a wager they can beat castle in the Clubs Cup?
Quite agree Andy i would have been proud of that course and i appreciate carl did try to make it fair but when a guy hits twice as many targets as the guy who won you ain't gonna get many people wanting to play unless they are members of the twenty yard club.
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