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Originally Posted by Jtr Rhyl View Post
Can you cut the stock of a co2 rifle down; the lad is a small 8 year old, even the junior break barrel type rifle is too long, I have thought of say a Ratcatcher just to start him off.
The rifle is light easy to use, and he would be able to practice his positions, at the same time hitting some thing.

At the moment he is firing a brake barrel with full junior length stock, but he cannot hold it long enough to hit the target when taking the standing position, sitting kneeling, with the stock under the arm pit is impossible.
yes matey on a rat cat,just cut right at the back of sketiton stock cut the amount u require and screw buttplate back on with wood screws but pilot drill it b4 putting screws in
cr 97 in jim vickers ft stock bsa big 60 scope, and silly about of hunting guns
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