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I had a wonderful winter league...

It was my first and I enjoyed every second of it. This was not only down to achieveing my best ever score at the first shoot in North Oxon, and then bettering it again on my home ground at the Buccaneers, but I have been - and am still on - a rollercoaster of a learning curve and loving every minute....

Thanks Rob for spending so much time answering my endless stream of questions.... how does this gun work.... how does the pellet fly.... how does the scope work..... above all .... Why..... You are wonderful xx

I am still bowled over by how welcoming everyone is and how freely advice is given. I have made many friends over the winter and have managed to laugh around every course. I am looking forward to meeting more people and am more determind than ever to win myself a trophy next year as I was so close this year...... I have a big shelf at home and it needs filling with trophies......

I will make one promise tho..... Cake competition is on.......

Big thanks to Steve Privett and Mick Winstanley my comrades at the Buccs for your support and encouragement and for putting up with me running around like a mad woman when I get a score I am pleased with!!! I aim to make you proud in the coming year.....

Ahead of me now..... GP's, SWEFTA, Euskadi and the Worlds...... If I come out of those alive and kicking you had better watch out for me in the next winter league...... Bring it on!!!
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