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Default CSFTA Winter League Roundup

CSFTA Winter League Roundup

It's always easier to look back on a day with a smile when you've had a result, but this season seems to have come good in the end, with plenty of smiles on faces all around.

A late start to the season gave everyone a good rest, but it was a -7 degree wake up call at North Oxon (thanks for spotting that Andy) with Glen Newman, Steve Privett and Tim Goodall first out the blocks with 36's. Newbury managed to warm up to somewhere around zero degrees, and Tim Roscoe shredded the grades with a 38 from B. Justin Wood took the honours at Christchurch with a 37, but the battle for the top tightened at the Buccaneers with 38's shared by Tim, Terry Ord, and Dave Godwin. Bisley saw Terry once again on form, tied with someone never to be dismissed, Cliff Church, on 36 on a day where the wind was the true opponent. Ashley Holloway had warmed up by now, and sealed 3rd place overall with a 39 at Carisbrooke, Tim having done just enough (2 targets) to keep Terry's strong return at bay. There are countless other shooting stars in the grades, and it's great to see some new shooters really going at it and getting the results, as well as seeing some old faces return. We even had visitors from abroad, in the shape of the Taffia from Wales, keeping us on our toes.

The showdown was a wake up call for many, those new to the league now relaxed without clocks were thrown into the deep end with a the 1 minute per lane time limit. But it was nice to see that rather sink, everyone decided to swim, and with strength. Highlight of the day for me was seeing Rachael learn very quickly in round 1 and go from lacking the confidence of taking two shots in the time, to clearing lanes sub 50 seconds and being able to handle errors with comfort. Meanwhile I hear Helen was giving good account in her first showdown, despatching her opponent to stay in the competition. Plenty of clears along the way, Bisley offering mild but ambiguous conditions, and the final's courses offering a barrage of closed to maxed positionals and sitters that seemed to sap energy with every lane. James didn't make it easy, but was finally stopped in the showdown after several consecutive wins, so his dad, Mick, felt duty bound to keep the Woodhead name in the trophies and took the plate home instead.

CSFTA tends to have quite a relaxed attitude, we tend to forget the clocks, but we stick them on the trophies. We start late, we don't have massive resources, perfect grounds etc, so have to make do, but somehow it sorts itself out and theres smiles all around, so we tend to forget the bumps and just enjoy the ride.

That's possible in no doubt due to a few stars, that don't shine just because of their shooting, but down to the work they put in. I'm sure I will forget many names, so please don't take offense, but deserving a mention are Lyndeen Calvert for her tireless organisation and attention to details, Andy Slade for being the person who is always found striking courses at everyone's ground when everyone has gone home, no doubt to rush off to see the scores which Alan Holloway has always got up by the time people have got a cuppa in their hands on their own comfy sofas, and Mick Woodhead for being the chairman with the personality to make the region just so damned friendly to all. But really, it wouldn't be the same without everyone doing what they do, so long may it continue.

Thanks for the giggles guys.

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