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Default Well pleased.....

My one of these arrived yesterday, thanks Pete, and I have to say I'm very pleased with it.

Ignoring the fact that there is obviously a batch out there that don't parallax down as far as they should, the only criticism I would level at the scope would be about the method of resetting the scale on the turrets. You just pull the turret knob up, turn to where you want and just push back down, it does feel a bit loose and I would prefer a screw through the top or side or at least a definite click into place, having said that it's not a knob twiddlers scope so with the covers on there isn't going to be a problem. The actual mechanics of the turrets were excellent, positive clicks, the adjustment for a given number of cliicks was consistent in all directions, and it always went back to the same place, pretty much all you can ask. I wonder if it's the the way you reset the scale that makes some people think they are cheap and tacky ??

Optics are great, build quality is great, initially very happy.

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