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Originally Posted by WelshAndy View Post

My name is Andy.... suprise that!

Ive been shooting Airguns, shotguns and firearms for nearly 30 years. Im originally from Risca, South Wales, though now live nearer Carmarthen. I used to shoot some FT in the early days at the Travellers Rest, penyfan pond site. which some of you will remember.

Ive read this site since the early days and am impressed how its grown. I enjoy the friendly atmosphere here.

I have more air rifles than I can remember . Its not that theres lots of rifles, just that my memory is bad.

I would like to get back into FT/HFT, though I think my main rig, a .177 R10 is geared more towards HFT, and my preferred shooting position is suited more to FT... Not to good from kneeling.

Ive been training lots and am using a friends Barn door and can now hit it 3 times out of 4, so lots more practice is needed.

Not a bad standard 3 out of 4 on a barn door I think I could match that if I was inside with the door shut
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