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I have just completed my first NEFTA winter league season and up until quite recently I have been able to kneel ( albeit in considerable discomfort ) but now I can no longer kneel due to tendon problems.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first winter league season and the disabled kneeling position has been a God send BUT I would much rather be able to take my kneelers from the regular position, I find the disabled kneeling position gives me a pain free way of shooting kneelers but really struggle to keep the rifle still due to a left right movement which I can't seem to control and I know of at least one other disabled kneeler who has the same problem.

Someone trying the position who is able bodied might find it incredibly stable but they do not have a knee problem so can't really judge imho.

I am never likely to win any thing, I shoot purely for pleasure and anyone looking at me would say there was nothing wrong with my knees, which there isn't until I kneel down

I would not qualify or even apply for a blue badge as I can walk perfectly well and I am sure my doctor can put his time to much better use than writing notes to say I am unfit to shoot a air rifle from a kneeling position which after all is for fun I would rather have the disadvantage of shooting from a standing position or just miss the kneeling lanes out altogether if a standing position is not allowed and put in a lower score than going to the lengths suggested above.

Someone who shoots from the disabled position without needing to is just cheating themselves.

When are chronographs going to be used on the shoots? from what I have seen in my first season I think this might get rid a few cheats

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