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Originally Posted by ANDREW GILLOTT View Post
Nothing definate yet so I`m just seeing what feed back comes from you guys and galls.
Think most people would agree that theirs very little financial reward in FT. So my proposal is this....
I am looking to personally run a book on this years grand prix series. Roughly, its graded, so for example AA shooters compete against each other over the nine rounds (you must do six). Where you finish in the final overall league determines how much you get paid out. Thinking 50 a person and if enough enter I would look to pay down to 5th place. ALL money taken paid out. You must have entered by round 3. Would like to know who would be up for this to see if it would work. Maybe start a list with name and grade?
Andrew will this be based along the lines of the castle grading system where someone hits 20 targets less than the bloke who hits the most targets wins or maybe we could have it on a sliding scale of any one who misses all 50 targets wins outright (Neil hit 39 targets and did not finnish in the top ten the guy through no fault of his own won hitting only 19 targets)
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