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I am regestered disabled I have arthritous in my knees and elbows and this is on my files
so I cane produce a doctors note to that effect
BUT that is not realy my disability I am disabled because of heart, chest and a few other bits and
So I could play the disability card if I so wished but in my case at the moment that would be
May be in the future I may need to use an alternative possion but as of now I get through
on pain killers and a couple of days recovery
When it does get to the stage of having to use alternat possions I will stop shooting
comps if I am put in a differant class or considered to be gaining an an unfair advantage.
Able bodied people can not and never will be able to put themselves in the position of
a disabled person
As stated in earlyer posts we need to weed out the CHEATS
All so you need to consider the laws on discrimination as a rule exists to be inclusive tampering
with it could leed to action being taken against the BFTA or region

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