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Originally Posted by Jamesy View Post
Not really airgun chat but we're all airgunners and i wanted a chat...
My dad had bowel cancer about five years ago, it was caught early and he recovered without any problems, last year his final scan following the earlier cancer showed something else, he had prostate cancer and again responded well to the treatment which was radio therapy this time and made a full recovery. At present he's in Dewsbury hospital following surgery again to remove his bowel after the cancer returned. As if that wasn't enough for the family to cope with i was diagnosed with it too on friday.
I haven't been well since christmas and have had some tests and scans done, the results came in and i had an appointment on friday morning to discuss it all. I'm going in on monday for an op to fit a temporary bag which will hopefuilly make life a bit more comfortable for me while they start me on radio/chemotherapy (Don't know which yet), have another appointment for thursday to see about that, and then i'll be starting treatment when they think i'm fit enough, hopefully that won't be too long after the op tomorrow. When the treatment to shrink the cancer is completed i'll be having a futher op to remove the cancer, and again, hopefully the bag.
I'm positive and have my head round it. Doesn't look like i'm gonna make the world's though this time, from what i was told on friday they don't think i'll be fit and well in time. We'll see.
I hope to be able to get along to some of the shoots during the year though, might not be shooting but it will be nice to see you all.
I'' keep you posted how i get on.
Hi Paul,

We only spoke a couple of times at the SA Worlds and truly shocked about this!

Wish you all the best and a very very speedy recovery. I really admire your positive attitude!

Get well soon mate!

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