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Default Dont know Ian

[QUOTE=IAN TAYLOR;56158]At our nefta meeting clubs voted for the disabled class and our regions rep should have put it to the bfta for discussion why this did not happen i do not know.

Ian, I cant answer that 1 sadly fella......???

Also tried the alternate positions very stable you could shoot a pygmy shrews left testicle off at 45 yards, massive advantage.

Ian, I understand that you say it is alot steadier for YOU in these altrnative positions but as you know you do not have a disability that would casue you to be in pain whilst shooting, thus why these positions have been put in place.

Thats the point Im trying to get at, its fine that everyone tries the positions out and make their comments but you dont suffer with as TonyF has Osteoarthritis so how would you know the amount of pain people go through to complete a course????

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