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Originally Posted by Mr P View Post
I WAS beaten in the showdown by some one who could not stand or kneel they hit 19 sitters, i hit 14 sitters 2 standers and 2 kneelers. Today we shot in the alternative position with the kneelers being pretty much the same as a sitting shot with the standers not quite as stable but as pointed out you are a metre lower to the ground, however i have not got knackered knees a dodgy back or a dodgy neck(Just a ugly mug) which is more disabling to others. The point is the system we have is not perfect and some of the guys have got genuine health problems the real problem here as Ian pointed out is the CHEATING B*******s that are taking the P**S out of the likes of Tony and Debbie and this is why this conversation is going on.
Cripes your sitters must be shocking Steve

I know you were beaten that way, but what if you beat the person by one, and they put 0's down for all their positions and you still only beat them by that 1, and that wasn't a sitter... ie you beat them on a positional they elected not to shoot so they could compete without pain and without upset, how would you feel? If you're saying you missed two sitters, would you then escape being beaten on the sitters again? You missed the easy ones mate (j/k it's hard to pick out which shot is more important, at the end of the day we count the hits)

If the problem is people taking the ****, i think it's probably far easier to work out how that can be defeated, rather than throwing the baby out with the bath water. We seem to have far more dedicated shooters unable to take shots legitimately, than we do **** takers.

I have heard of people on heart pills, beta blockers and huge doses of pain killers that steady them... that could allow some relief to the pain caused by shooting in the correct position, but would that be ok?

If there's a seperate class, then regionally and probably nationally, those people could not share the showdown, could not be in regional teams etc. and would probably compete at least the winter league in isolation or close to it. Hardly encouraging is it? I don't think letting what seems to be an isolated problem in one region dictate that to every other region (perhaps not the case, but this is what is being suggested). We're talking about fairness, that aint fair to me.

Nail the cheats, leave those that are busting a gut to try and enjoy a day out to do so.
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