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Originally Posted by Mr P View Post
I WAS beaten in the showdown by some one who could not stand or kneel they hit 19 sitters, i hit 14 sitters 2 standers and 2 kneelers. Today we shot in the alternative position with the kneelers being pretty much the same as a sitting shot with the standers not quite as stable but as pointed out you are a metre lower to the ground, however i have not got knackered knees a dodgy back or a dodgy neck(Just a ugly mug) which is more disabling to others. The point is the system we have is not perfect and some of the guys have got genuine health problems the real problem here as Ian pointed out is the CHEATING B*******s that are taking the P**S out of the likes of Tony and Debbie and this is why this conversation is going on.
try looking at it this way...if an able bodied shooter elects to shoot disabled,are they at an advantage??? if yes then something needs to change...
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