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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
The problems as I can see it with a seperate class is the following:

Do we mirror the whole structure of FT? Ie, a springer, sft, AA, A, B, C grade? If not, is it fair that a C grader could be constantly up against an AA all over the series, and never see silverware? Do we duplicate their gradings as well? Or do they lose their grade?

What happens with people with temporary problems, perhaps a knee replacement, that 3 months in allows them to shoot in the able positions?

What happens if there is just one shooter attending a shoot, as could be possible in a winter league? That's not a competition really is it?

Try this for size... it's the showdown. Shooter A cannot shoot kneelers, but elects to accept two 0's but takes their standers, in order to compete. They beat everyone all the way through shooting this way, and are in the final, having only ever scored an 18/20 tops. In the final, they hit all their sitters, hit their standers, but again drop the two kneelers, come off with 18. Shooter B who is able, misses a sitter or a stander, comes off with 19. Wins. I'm not sure i'd feel that great about holding the trophy up if it was me.

Or are we saying that disabled shooters would not be allowed into the showdown as well?

If you have the option for an able bodied shooter to shoot them in the disabled position, all seems a bit fair and square to me. No seperate class with all the problems associated. Everyone inclusive. Those that can, can pick and choose.

It would be a little ironic if someone did elect to shoot in the disabled position, against a disabled person, and missed wouldn't it?!
I WAS beaten in the showdown by some one who could not stand or kneel they hit 19 sitters, i hit 14 sitters 2 standers and 2 kneelers. Today we shot in the alternative position with the kneelers being pretty much the same as a sitting shot with the standers not quite as stable but as pointed out you are a metre lower to the ground, however i have not got knackered knees a dodgy back or a dodgy neck(Just a ugly mug) which is more disabling to others. The point is the system we have is not perfect and some of the guys have got genuine health problems the real problem here as Ian pointed out is the CHEATING B*******s that are taking the P**S out of the likes of Tony and Debbie and this is why this conversation is going on.
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