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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Very interesting really.

Of the AA(ish) class shooters who tried

Mike Williams, found both standing and kneeling "disabled positions far more stable than the usuall stance.

Peter found the Kneeling position less stable but the standing far more stable.

Myself, kneeling about the same either way (my sitting position is simular to disabled kneeling) but disabled standing far more stable than standing on legs.

C ckass
I got Jelly Fish to try them. Being new to the sport he is struggling on positionals but again found the disabled positions far more stable.

Our conclusion, the disabled standing position is far more stable while the kneeling is perhaps about 50/50.?
Hi Simon, Thats just you conclusion ..But you are able bodied and more..LOL ..imagine having a injury or hip,leg or back trouble or are disabled ..You have to look at both sides to see what it like...Karl
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