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Default disabled shots

Ive been reading this thread with interest & have a couple of instances that i would like to share with you .
At the newbury gp a couple of years ago i was partnered round the course by some one who had just had knee surgery & was therefore allowed to take his kneelers in the disabled position .
Having not seen anyone take kneelers in this way before i stood to the side & watched as he took his shots , he then looked up at me & i said to him " that looks well steady " & he shrugged his shoulders & said something along the lines of " I know , i feel embarassed about being able to take kneelers this way , its that steady " .
The second one happened last year at one of the major national shoots where this person arrived at his start lane , then realised he had left something in the car & was seen running to & from his car .
All his kneelers & standers were taken from the disabled position & he came off the course with one miss on his card .( a sitting shot if i remember correctly )
I know certain people can have disabilities that wont let their knees bend beyond a certain point, but if a person can run quite a distance with a considerable hill to contend with on the return leg , then i cant see a problem with them taking an able bodied standing shot .( but im no doctor ? )
I have personally tried both disabled positions & found that the kneeling position was slightly steadier than my usual position .
The standing position however was a revelation , a lot steadier than usual , with a very slow readable wobble .
Also it would be a major advantage in a wind , taking standers with the rifle being 600 - 700 mm from the flloor as opposed to 1.8 mts ( not in my case though !)
Obviously there are genuine disabled folk that are getting revved up on here & im sure that nobody is trying to take anything away from them, but obviously there are potentially a few that are swinging the lead , in my opinion .
Ive racked my tiny brain for a suitable solution to this problem & feel i must agree with fred & chris & ian that a new "open class " maybe the answer . Where anyone , be they disabled or able bodied, shoots the whole course sitting or if they can do either of the discipline stances then its their choice to take them as they wish .
Im sorry if this may sound elitist , its certainly not meant to be ! & as ian said early on ," if a person was to win a major open taking their discipline shots in the disabled position" then i think it could potentially
make a mockery of our sport .
cheers , andy calpin .
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