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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
If these positions aren't seen as any added advantage to a shooter is it ok for everyone to use them ??
Would that be a possible solution?

Disabled shooters don't want an advantage or a perception of advantage.
Able shooters don't want an advantage or a perception of advantage.
If you want to compete against someone, making a seperate class stops level competition.
So make the position common to both, and optional for both.
Those that are concerned with being beaten can elect to shoot in the same way as a disabled shooter, then the playing field is more level... no extra class needed, etc. If you hold to tradition over title, then you can take them as you did before. If you hold title over tradition, you shoot the new position. If you hold title and tradition in equal amounts, and cant favour either at all, then you won't allow disabled shooters to shoot on an equal basis, because you don't perceive that as a possiblilty.

Or if the problem is cheating, you solve it all by stopping them doing that.

Even if you do decide a seperate class is the way, the problem of a seperate class is changed by numbers. Say in the MFTA or NEFTA, there may be the numbers in attendance to make another class viable at any given shoot. Say in other regions, that could mean a class of one or two shooters... do we grade this extra class as well? A top down approach may require that, or may require a region to not adopt the NGB's direction if that isn't practical.

The problem is with this thread, is that it's raised a different set of reasons for objecting to the disabled positions. One, people cheating, two, people gaining an advantage, either reason being compounded by coming second place to someone using them.

You have to nail the issue first in order to address it. But now we can see why committee discussions take so long, because there could be a discussion as to what the issue actually is in the first place.

It will be fun raising this with the WFTF next week to ask what their intentions are for Italy On a world's course, where say if it's like SA where 1/3 are positionals, the advantage/disadvantage debate is swung to a greater degree. The EFTA will just simply ask the question, and see what the great international minds say
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