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Originally Posted by imorik View Post
You're wrong

I can see that if an able bodied person wishes to cheat and use the disabled position then yes it is an advantage. But for me I find it impossible to kneel, and sometimes even sitting can be painful. So I find it of no advantage over an able bodied person using the correct positions.

What would be a disadvantage is disabled shooters being forced to take kneeling shots standing (as is the rule in HFT). This puts able bodied shooters at a clear advantage and is clearly wrong, don't hear anyone complaining about that though.

If I had to do kneelers I might as well put a pellet into the ground and count it as a miss, it'd be too painful to try to take the shot at target.
I full heartedly agree and very well put....

This thread has caused me to feel very angry and frustraited as I want to compete on my skills and never want any unfair advantage..... as it is I find myself at a disadvantage as I have hip dysplasia coupled with irreparable damage to my lower 4 vertebra and discs so causing pain. I am not classified disabled but cannot kneel due to the immense pain it causes. I do not in any way want sympathy or any advantage and the as I stated before "disabled" position is misleading it is an "alternative" and in no way gives me advantage... I hit the same amount of kneelers in the disabled position as i did when I was able to do the streamlined kneeling position..... If I want to hit more it will be down to practice not an unfair advantage.....

I think that this is only raised as some small minority are using the positions to "cheat" which tars all of us who have no choice but to use the alternative.... genuine people are not cheating only trying to compete...

Throwing an idea out there...... If there is an issue with somebody shooting a disabled position and it is believed is gaining an unfair advantage due to not genuinly having to use the disabled position,then shooters should have to appeal to the club or bfta about that person and then the situation could be further investigated by officials or committee members to ascertain the validity of the shooter to use the alternative..... If the reasons are genuine the shooter in question should have no problems proving the point (as I myself would have no problems being looked at as my reasons are valid) and if the disability is genuine then the shooter should be able to continue to compete using the alternative positions on a level pegging with all mainstream shooters..... If however it is found to be that the person in question is cheating so gleaning an advantage or is simply using the alternatives due to lack of confidence in kneeling or standing then the BFTA are advised and that person cannot have a BFTA card, so therefore can still come along and shoot, but cannot qualify for any trophies or titles as they have been deemed to have been cheating..... If they then want to come back into the BFTA then they would have to appeal and shoot in mainstreem positions unless it can be clearly proven that the disabled position is the only position they can shoot in........
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