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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
If you think that the disabled shooting positions don't give an advantage then you're in cloud cuckoo land. I was gobsmacked at Castle when the guy i shot round with was shooting like this. Ok , i understand that some out there are genuinely struggling but there are also some on the circuit taking the pee.

It's really a no brainer to make the disabled shooters have a seperate class.....or is there something within the BFTA that's stoppoing this?
You're wrong

I can see that if an able bodied person wishes to cheat and use the disabled position then yes it is an advantage. But for me I find it impossible to kneel, and sometimes even sitting can be painful. So I find it of no advantage over an able bodied person using the correct positions.

What would be a disadvantage is disabled shooters being forced to take kneeling shots standing (as is the rule in HFT). This puts able bodied shooters at a clear advantage and is clearly wrong, don't hear anyone complaining about that though.

If I had to do kneelers I might as well put a pellet into the ground and count it as a miss, it'd be too painful to try to take the shot at target.
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